This stunning 55-minute video documents the 80 years of efforts to pull the whooping back from the brink of extinction. Produced with the help of the International Crane Foundation and Operation Migration, Saving the Ghost Birds includes exclusive interviews and original film footage, bringing viewers up close to these magnificent birds and to the biologists, aviculturists, pilots, volunteers, and others who are part of this cutting-edge conservation effort.



Letter from the Editor​

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Working with the International Crane Foundation and Operation Migration was a unique and wonderful experience. Their dedication to their work inspires everyone they cross paths with. In Saving the Ghost Birds, I attempted to capture this passion while highlighting some of the unique and sometimes unlikely individuals who have been paramount to the whooping crane recovery effort.
Years of scientific research and creative ingenuity have led one flock of birds from the edge of oblivion and into our hearts.

Arthur Bratton
Video Age Productions