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Saving the Ghost Birds - DVD

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Chasing the Ghost Birds - Book

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Chasing the Ghost Birds - Book

ISBN-13: 978-0-9792799-0-4
ISBN-10: 0-9792799-0-9

Chasing the Ghost Birds BookChasing the Ghost Birds, by David Sakrison, chronicles three cutting-edge conservation projects: returning trumpeter swans to the Midwest Flyway, international efforts to save Russia’s endangered Siberian cranes, and whooping crane recovery.

Paperback: $16.50
312 pages, illustrations, maps, and black & white and color photographs
Copyright 2007, International Crane Foundation

“Part environmental essay, part adventure tale”

---DC Birding Blog

Kirkus Reviews said of the book:

“The author presents these stories as old-fashioned, yeomanly campfire tales, investing them with gradually increasing drama, meanwhile providing significant historical information.

“He makes skirmishes into the ornithological literature that lay readers will understand and appreciate, and serves up the nit and grit of fieldwork and the logistics of the recovery efforts.

“Perhaps most impressively, Sakrison succeeds in conveying the empathy, patience and dedication of the recovery team members, taking to their roles as teachers and parents as veritably as if they had feathers of their own.

“A solid, thoroughgoing and affecting work, and an estimable addition to avian history”


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